The Medical Genetics Laboratory TECNOBIOS PRENATALE EUROGENLAB S.r.l. is a specialized structure, that through to the application of a wide range of cytogenetic techniques and molecular biology is able to offer service of diagnosis in the different sectors of Genetics panorama, such as pre and post-natal Karyotype, molecular analysis of genetic diseases (cystic fibrosis, fragile-X syndrome, hemochromatosis, thrombophilia, etc), Forensic Genetic test (paternity test), Infectious diseases (HPV), Nutrigenetics,  Preventive Medicine (celiac disease, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.) and Oncohematology (Polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, …).

The genetic analysis offer is further expanded through a network of collaborators that Tecnobios Prenatale Eurogenlab created with important reference centers, in the Italian country and abroad. Our center also offers a genetic counseling pre and/or post test, to clarify and explain the results meaning. The activity of Tecnobios Prenatale Eurogenlab is supportive to private and public structures, centers of assisted reproduction, analytical laboratories, clinics doctors and specialist doctors in different fields.


NUTRIGENETICS AND NUTRIGENOMICS: from genetic test to nutrition
Bologna, 25 March 2017 (Tecnobios Prenatale Eurogenlab)
Nutrigenetica e Nutrigenomica: dal test genetico all'alimentazione (Bologna, 25/03/2017)
Pap test
Evoluzioni tecnologiche nella prevenzione del cervico carcinoma: il Cotesting (Bologna, 08/10/2016)
Suscettibilità genetica al Carcinoma mammario
Suscettibilità genetica al Carcinoma mammario (Villa Regina, Bologna 28/09/2013)
Scarica il documento "Suscettibilità genetica al Carcinoma mammario"
Relazione sul marcatore BRCA1 (Villa Regina, Bologna 29 settembre 2012)
Scarica il documento sul marcatore BRCA1-BRCA2
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